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About Us

Here at Leaps & Bounds we believe that each child should be given the opportunity, the
help, the knowledge and the love to reach for the stars. We will strive to fill their minds
with magic and wonder, awe and excitement, hopes and dreams. We will encourage the
children to have time for play that we feel is an essential part of the learning process.
Play and learning are inseparable companions. All this will be done in the safest of
havens with lots of laughter and warmth and an abundance of exuberance and serenity.
We will offer just the right mixture of freedom and restraint, nurturing and security, and
let’s not forget empowerment. And with that power, we will watch them soar! The
practices that we will use to sustain these dreams include:

• Teachers as advocates for the child and parents.
• Flexible schedules and routines.
• Personal rituals between child and teacher.
• Teaching practices tailored to the characteristics and needs of each child.
• Continuity of caregivers.
• Consistencies of care practices between home and school.

At Leaps & Bounds we believe that children are not the same, and each child deserves a
full range of developmentally appropriate experiences, free of stereotypes or limits based
on race, gender, or religion. Our program practices that promote individualized,
appropriate learning include:

• An emphasis on learning environments and child-choice curriculum.
• An emphasis on natural, authentic experiences and interactions.
• An environment rich in written and spoken language experiences.
• Generous allowances for child mobility, messy play, and challenge.
• Extensive use of the outdoors.
• Use of caring routines and times for play and learning.
• Exposure to cultural diversity via materials, interactions, and experiences.

Leaps & Bounds realizes that all families are not the same and for that reason our
program hours, services, and policies are designed to be flexible and responsive to
various needs. Our program practices include hours ( M – F, 7:00am – 6:00pm) and
services reflecting parents’ needs.

Leaps & Bounds respects and understand parents and is sensitive to family beliefs and
values. We recognize the need for a true partnership with parents and are responsive to
individual and collective parents’ needs, requests, and concerns about the care and
education of their children. Parents are encouraged to contribute, make suggestions, and
have influence over their children’s’ care. Program practices include:

• Teachers who are responsive to parents.
• Daily written and verbal communications.
• Regularly scheduled progress reports and parent conferences
• Monthly Newsletters