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For Parents

Welcome to Growing By Leaps & Bounds, Inc.,

You, no doubt, have many questions about such things as policies, yearly calendar,
medical forms, and so forth. We have prepared this HANDBOOK to help answer such
questions. Please read it before your child attends our program and consult it as needed
throughout the time that your child is enrolled at Growing By Leaps & Bounds, Inc.

A handbook cannot anticipate all the questions that a parent might have, so feel free to
contact us (781-238-4443) if you need any further information.

The fax line is also our secondary line. If you need to send a fax to the center, please call
us first so we do not pick up the secondary line and miss your fax. Thank you.

The following forms must be kept in our files:
Enrollment Form
Developmental History and Background Information
Emergency Release Form
• Physicians Form
  (completed by a doctor) including a lead screening at age 1, and current immunizations.
Parental Agreement Form
Medication Consent Form
General Permission Slip
Tuition Express Signup Form

All of these forms will be given to you in an enrollment packet. These forms MUST be
completed BEFORE your child receives care at Leaps & Bounds. New forms must be
completed and updated annually. The office will notify parents when they need to update
their forms.